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10 Thoughts I had while following D23 Expo 2015

I recently discovered the existence of D23, Disney's official fan club, and their bienial exposition, which this year was all over my Twitter time line. Some news were expected, some were pleasant surprises and others were actually a bit dissapointing.

Here are some thoughts I had about several announcements...

1. They're turning Toy Story into a romantic comedy-drama
It was announced that this time the film will centre on a love story between Woody and Bo Peep (the pink shepardess). I'm sure it will be better than most love stories currently screening, but I think we need more "power of friendship" than "boy meets girl" type of films.

2. Zootopia looks like fun, but it doesn't seem as original as they advertise it
I'm all for movies about talking animals that act like people, and the trailer looked like fun. But the tagline of choice, "Like nothing you've seen be-fur" is a bit too bold, considering movies such as Kung Fu Panda, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Chicken Little and Robin Hood (two of them starred by a cheeky and charismatic fox)...

So... Tell me about this being the first movie where animals wear clothes and act like people

3. Shakira is perfect for the role of Gazelle
Having said that, knowing that Shakira will be in the film, and that she'll play the biggest pop star in town is something that I find pretty cool.

4. Danny Elfman is getting some well deserved recognition and that makes me happy
He was honoured among others that have made significant contributions to the Disney legacy, and named a "Disney Legend". FYI, he's the composer behind most of Tim Burton movies (and the voice of beloved Jack Skellington), as well as the famous The Simpsons theme song, and of numerous films and TV shows's soundtracks.

5. A lot of unnecessary sequels were announced
Does the world really need a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie? And while many people want to see The Incredibles II, and Finding Dory seems like good fun, I'm not sure about Cars 3, a third part of the one commonly known as Pixar's worst film. Not that exciting. Ah, and I already said my views on Toy Story 4.

6. Pixar is making a movie about Dia de los Muertos called "Coco"
And I can't help but wonder, would this be a fact if The Book of Life (2014) hadn't been a success? A bit of research says that this movie was planned since 2012, so apparently yes, but again, The Princess and the Frog (2009) was in development for years and it finally saw the light a few months after Obama became the first black American President.
Loco for Coco? #CringeworthyTweet... Via
My point is that a movie can be put on hold until it makes commercial sense to premiere it. And it's not just me sitting at home making theories wearing a tin foil hat who says this, similar remarks appeared in serious articles (not that this one isn't), including this one from BBC.
Will you be original? I really hope so, I really want to like you

7. The Good Dinosaur has potential
Please be a childish but beautiful family film, all it needs to do to be awesome is not being "How to Train your Dragon with dinosaurs instead of dragons".
The background colour choice might be a coincidence, but what about the "boy metaphorically touching the beast" element?

8. Star Wars themed parks will rock
The soon to premiere movie The Force Awakens had some exciting updates (posters were revealed, stars of the film charming and present), the "Rogue One" film got lots of love as well (and will be set between Episodes III and IV), but my favourite announcement was the two themed parks to be opened both in California and Orlando. They'll be fully immersive and create a "jaw-dropping new world" according to Disney's Bob Iger.

9. Marvel is like an avalanche, but they didn't really surprise at D23
Rolling faster and faster and getting bigger and bigger, they shared content about movies that had already been announced (Dr. Estrange and Civil Wars) but still generated lots of interest despite the lack of big surprises. At this point, all Marvel has to do is simply show up and wave, as their plan is so structured until 2020 that there isn't really big room for surprises.

10. Moana is probably going to be my favourite
The D23 wasn't going to be complete without anouncing a new "Disney Princess". I won't mind the fact that here is already a Princess Moana (Pan's Labyrinth), because this movie seems to be bringing to the screen some of the best elements of succesful princess movies. And while Disney visited Hawaii with Lilo & Stitch in 2002, this movie promises a more magical view of the South Pacific, set around 2000 years ago.

Finally, I have to say, Marvel seems to have shown a thing or two to Disney about presenting a timeline of films. From what I read, this year's D23 Expo was way bigger and better organized than previous ones. 
So, some very exciting "coming soons" ahead... which one is the one you want to see the most?

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