Monday, 30 January 2017

Reasons why wine people need to have a good poker face 🍷 😐

I'm barely acceptable at Texas Hold'em (am I?) but I like to think that I have a decent poker face.
I've had to develop one so I can avoid rolling my eyes at the wrong bureaucrat, raise an eyebrow when I hear something shocking or laugh at the face of someone telling me Riesling is going to be the next Pinot Grigio. 

Which takes me to wine. Most of the time, socialising around it will bring the most sincere smile to my face, but for those few times when my left eye wants to twitch and my jaw wants to drop, it's good to imagine that I have a Royal Flush in my hand and I'm trying to pretend I'm debating whether to stay or fold.

Here's a little comic I drew about some of the moments when having a good poker face around wine will make your life easier.

Can you think of another occasion in which a good poker face becomes handy for wine lovers? Feel free to send it my way! I could draw it next 😁

Let me know!