Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Meaning of Fruits

Just like there are theories that talk about the meaning of colours, and say that blue is for calm, yellow for joy, red for passion, etc... I know that fruits also have meanings.
Here are a few of the most popular...

Apples: Represent the temptation.
This fruit has been the cause of all type of trouble since the beginning of times. This doctor spookers are a big red flag (it's never a yellow apple, isn't it?) in any story line they appear, and it's always a shady character the one in charge of offering one to the protagonist or the one who's always eating or craving one of this crispy balls of suspiciousness.

Strawberries: So romantic.
A romantic occasion will be enhanced by strawberries, chocolate and Champagne. Add chantilly cream to make it sexy. Strawberries are normally related to girly and femenine stuff, and if an anime show features the word, it's surely kawaii and for girls.

Peaches: Sweet, kind and delicate.
If you bruise like a peach, you'll understand why this fruit is synonimous with softness and being delicate. But at the same time, a peach is so nice that who would actually want to bruise it? You only want to rescue them or make sure they get home safely.

Cherries: XXX.
There are tons of fruits in the same shape and size, and somehow, the cherry is the one that manages to be all winky winky (blackcurrants, raspberries and goldenberries simply don't have it). They might as well be called pornberries, because most times someone is throwing a double entendre with a fruit, it has to be a cherry.

Bananas: For the lols.
It's a very old cliché: someone walking without paying attention, steps on a banana peel and falls. Why is this funny? Because it's not you (yes, people are cruel). This is the fruit of comedy, of being crazy, of funny banana costumes  (it would be as funny to see a melon costume) and bananas for scale in 9Gag just because of reasons. If that wasn't enough to certify them ad the fruit of lols, they are the monkey's favourites (and everyone knows that those are the animals of comedy).

Coconuts: Exotic.
Are you a girl in a desert island? Guess what you'll en up wearing... A coconut bra of course! Do you need to build a reliable radio to contact home and get rescued? Coconuts will be the key to your jungle tech. Even if some people hate to find them inside their chocolate, this sunscreen-smelling, tropical trendy health food transport you inmediately to the Caribbean, where you can relax and drink straing from one of them with a little pink straw.

Melons: Boobs.
Risking to sound tacky: "Melons = ( . ) ( . )". As simple as that. Why this round, beige, soft fruits make people think about boobs? I guess we'll never know.

Grapes: Ego and aristocracy
Wine's main ingredient. They are meant to be served straigth to the emperor's mouth, or rest elegantly in a luxurious fruit bowl in the table of a royal feast.

Pumpkins: Halloween.
Not really a fruit, but this veggie earned a symbolic meaning on its own merit. Before the end of summer, their carved faces slowly start to pop up everywhere, and by late October they are in everything, from your window to your coffee.

Besides all these fruits, other ones have meanings as well: for example, Kiwis are associated with New Zealand, pineapples with Hawaii, and a combination of lots of fruits used as a hat for some reason (see famous pic below) evokes South American culture.

¿Do you know about another fruit with meaning? Please help me expand the list  :)

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