Sunday, 15 March 2015

My top 8 movies to watch on Mother's Day

Normally I would have waited until May to talk about Mothers' Day, but I'm in Ireland now, and this year we celebrate it on March 15th. One of the things I enjoy doing with my mom (and in general) is watching movies (though it's not possible through Skype, sadly), so I felt motivated to do a little Top 8 list with the movies I think would be great to watch with mummy.

Little Miss Sunshine: The mom here might seem like she doesn't care anymore, with her take away
dinners and disposable dishes, but when it's time to be there for the kids, she's A1. Besides, it has the perfect mix of laughs, drama and family chaos.

Toy Story 3: Many moms tend to cry with very emotional movies, it's their thing. And this is the ultimate mom-cries-at-the-end but in a good way: a kid growing up "so fast", a group of brave toys saving the day, and a hard earned happy ending. By the way, the people that pull off this joke (video below) edited the movie to make it look like it ended very different, and their mom didn't like it at all.

The king's Speech: This is a movie that manages to be engaging without sex or violence, and also, without being overly complicated, sad or stressful. In fact, you kind of feel good after watching it. Be prepared to hear "He's so cute" every time Collin Firth enters the scene, which is very often.

Freaky Friday: Remember all the times mom said that she wished to change chores for a day so you knew how much work she gets done in the house? This is basically an hour-and-a-half tale about that. And the best part is that is actually funny and well acted (not extremely original, though).

My Big Fat Greek Wedding: If you have a big extended family (extra points for Mediterranean origin), you'll probably find this movie hilarious, and mom will find many brothers, cousins, nephews, etc. in the characters (there's always a drunk one, a tacky one, a shady one, and so on). Be ready to hear her compare everything to how your own family would have dealt with that.

The Princess Diaries: Disney really get this family-friendly thing. She'll love Julie Andrews (and so will you) and all the "real life" fairy tale vibe. Besides, it's nice to see a mom-daughter-grandmother movie out there that it's funny and light, but never dumb.

Catch me if you can: Moms will take any chance to see Tom Hanks, and in this case, with all the 60's Pan Am glam and the Leo di Caprio chasing, and Christopher Walking speeches, she'll have a lot of fun, and so will anyone who accompanies her.

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: This one or the sequel are also great choices, a lot of her favorite actors will be there, and the mix of exotic sight seeing, romance and comedy will be perfect for a happy film watching experience for all (yes, Richard Gere is there, bonus points because of that).

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