Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Food Writer Cake Recipe by Gabriela Guédez

The combination of journalistic skills and food industry experience makes of Gabriela Guédez an excellent choice for any gourmet magazine.


-1 family bakery
-Spanish speaking freelance gigs to taste (finely chopped)
-1 pinch of internship
-A proper job at a gourmet magazine (garnish with a promotion)
-2 small artisan food businesses (in two separate bowls)
-A holiday in Europe
-3 Irish food industry job yolks
-1 cup of English speaking freelance gigs (55% volunteering)

-A pinch of Taste of Dublin Zest
-2 cups of assorted foodie associations and networking groups
-1 cup of foodie tourism
-1 pint of craft amber ale

1. Add Gabriela to her family's bakery and mix on slow speed for two years, then add the freelance gigs and a pinch of internship in a well known local newspaper.

2. Place her in Caracas and cook her with the job at the country's top Food and Wine magazine for two years, be careful not to let her boil. When she reaches a senior position, remove her from the heat and let her open one of the small artisan food businesses. At the same time, she should be writing for a cooking school, as that will help to keep her pen sharp.

3. Incorporate a holiday in Europe, and after ten days, when she's in love with Dublin, bring her back home and let the dream of moving proofing in her mind for six months (it should double its size).

4. Get her back into Ireland carefully. Cover with a blanket during the first three months to avoid thermal shock.

5. Mix at medium speed for two years and pour the 3 Irish job yolks one by one, alternating with tablespoons of the second small artisan food business. When the mixture looks uniform, bake at 10°C until she starts using slang and giving out about how hard it's to find a parking spot in town.

For the frosting:
1. Mix the Taste of Dublin zest, the networking groups and the foodie tourism until light and fluffy.
2. When the base reaches room temperature, decorate it with the frosting.
3. Enjoy the pint.


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